Project manager/Business development/Transformation


Timbanken (2022-)

You will be able to hire Simon as an advisor for up to 5 hours a year for free.

Electrical conversion of a snow blower(2022)

Ptino delivers project management and technical knowledge in a project where we convert a petrol engine to a electrical motor for the municipality of Åre.

Funded by Åre kommun, Leader and Jordbruksverket.


Opportunities for a microbrewery - Initial study (2022)

Ptino investigated the possibilities to run a successful microbrewery.

Sustainability and Circular economy (2022-)

Ptino and Konfront deliver introductory and advanced courses in sustainability, Circular Economic and industrial symbiosis.

Särskilt investeringsstöd till besöksnäringen utifrån Coronapandemin (2021-2022)

Ptino delivers coaching and inspiration in:

  • Digitalization
  • Sustainability
  • Regional development
  • New and resilient business models

Eg. project manager for a web seminar regarding Fossil free machines in winter conditions.

Handöl - Pre-study (2021)

Ptino worked with the village of Handöl to document activities, attractions, actors and ambitions.

Circular Economy and Industrial symbiosis. (2020)

Ptino was involved in establishing commitment, mobilization and performing different activities. Everything was compiled in a pre-study report. The report is available in Swedish here.

Simon Oest

Project manager


Ptino runs all types of projects. Main focus is IT and electronics but all types ofprojects are welcome

A project could be anyting from a few tasks to a project within a program with lots of work packages and sub projects.

Ptino converts leads and prospects in a structued maner letting you to focus on the things you love.

Ptino works in a structured way in both projects and sales. We focus on transparancy and involvement, leaving no one behind.


Would you like to work together or simply chat about a project? Don't hesitate to contact us.